KemperSports Launches Enhanced Proprietary Customer Service Program

Customer Service has been a hallmark of KemperSports since the company’s founding nearly 40 years ago.  Steve Lesnik and James Kemper founded the company with the idea that each guest at a KemperSports facility should be treated in the same manner as a deeply valued member of an elite country club.  With that vision in mind, KemperSports teams look to enhance the customer experience every day at each of the company’s 100+ facilities.  To help achieve that goal and to enhance its position as the recognized leader in providing exceptional customer service experiences, KemperSports has launched a refreshed and enhanced version of its “True Service” customer service training program.

The KemperSports True Service program is a proprietary and standardized customer service training program used to train all staffers at all of KemperSports’ 100+ properties about the company’s service philosophy.  It provides the foundation for KemperSports properties to stand out in their markets, differentiating the customer experience from other facilities.  This program emphasizes the daily goal of creating happy, loyal customers.

The True Service training program brings together all of the company’s core beliefs about Best in Class customer service, emphasizing a common service language and mentality amongst all staffers, and giving guests a consistent experience whenever they visit a facility within the KemperSports family.  Each day, thousands of customer and guest interactions take place across the KemperSports family of properties and KemperSports views each of those interactions as an opportunity to fulfill its brand promise and create happy, loyal customers.

True Service consists of Five Pillars:

  1. Be Genuine, Helpful and Friendly
  2. My Attitude is My Responsibility
  3. To the Customer Everything Matters
  4. Service is a Team Sport
  5. Customer Happiness is Everything

True Service training is administered at each site by trained professionals, each of whom has demonstrated a passion for customer service.  These Ambassadors embrace the program and strive to make sure the program in a part of all staffer engagements. The program consists of four modules, combining online learning, videos, in-person classes and interactive group work.  The program also requires each staffer to complete a self-assessment, highlighting strengths and identifying areas for improvement in that particular staffer’s service mentality. After completing True Service training, staffers return to work with an enhanced service mentality and a renewed focus to provide experiences that are above and beyond “normal” customer service.

True Service encourages KemperSports staffers to look for opportunities each day to exceed customers’ expectations and treat guests and co-workers with courtesy and respect.  The program provides opportunities for staff recognition for excellent service, including True Service Ambassador programs to highlight particularly great work.  The program also facilitates best practice sharing across properties – allowing for each facility to learn from the accomplishments of their sister facilities throughout the country, because KemperSports recognizes that positive customer experiences are pivotal to success. This focus on meeting customer needs is one of the company’s most fundamental business philosophies and is the foundation of improvement for the properties that KemperSports manages.

KemperSports tracks its customer service delivery by encouraging its guests to complete the company’s proprietary TrueReview survey after each visit.  The survey results measure operational performance at each facility and demonstrate which properties are excelling in providing best in class customer experiences.  These results are used to ensure a continually optimized customer experience – which ultimately leads to happier, more loyal customers and increased revenues.

When a client hires KemperSports to manage their operations, they can be assured that staffers of all levels will learn and epitomize the customer service philosophy that has been ingrained in the KemperSports ethos since the company’s founding.  KemperSports recognizes that guest interactions with staff are what give each property a personality and, quite often, what beckon customers to come back. The True Service program helps to ensure every customer feels appreciated each time they visit a KemperSports property for a round of golf, a meal or a special occasion. Each staffer focusing on service every day results in great guest experiences and happy, loyal customers.